Level8 知识点汇总

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Words Meaning
Download To move information from the Internet to your computer.
Stream To play media (audio or video) online without owning it.
CD A ‘compact disc.’ A disc on which music is stored.
Album A collection of songs on a CD or vinyl.
subscription The right to receive a service, usually after paying a sum of money.


  1. What is your favorite genre of music? Why?
  2. Which genre of music do you hate? Why?
  3. How have your musical tastes changed since you were young? Give examples.
  4. What would life be like without music? Give examples.
  5. Should people be allowed to download music for free? Why? / Why not?

Words about music

Words Meaning
edgy new and exciting, but not everyone will enjoy it
offensive makes people uncomfortable and / or angry
innovative creative and unlike anything else
annoying unpleasant
original new, different
distinctive individual and easy to recognize
powerful creates strong emotion and influences people
uplifting makes people happy and energized
catchy easy to remember

Vocabulary-Describing Music

  • Seriously? Well, that’s your opinion, Tom.
  • As far as I’m concerned , bad language doesn’t make…
  • Actually , I think the music is just annoying.
  • You are crazy if you think it’s uplifting!
  • On the contrary, Clara! The music is distinctive…
  • I understand your point, but it’s so catchy. …
  • Don’t be silly! This music is terrible…
  • The way I see it, this song should not be played…

Some of the phrases express opinions and argue against, or counter, someone else’s opinion.


  • Classical music is all boring – it’s never fun or lively.
  • Heavy metal music is so powerful and impressive
  • Pop music is all the same. It’s annoying and stupid.
  • Music must be catchy and uplifting to be good.
  • Electronic music is the edgiest music these days.
  • Nobody listens to traditional music anymore – it’s not innovative.
  • Rock music is the best kind of music because it’s uplifting.
  • Hip-hop is the most original and distinctive music.
  • As far as I’m concerned, this is the most innovative and original music we’ve heard so far.
  • You’re crazy. This music is annoying and offensive!

level8-Unit2-Living Better

Staying healthy

  • Everything in moderation.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Spend quality time with family.
  • Don’t eat everything you crave.
  • Avoid fatty and salty foods.
  • Get enough sleep.

Tell each other your health problems and give advice.


  • What do you do to stay healthy?
  • What health risks are most common for students?
  • Do you ever worry about your own mental health?
  • When was the last time you were unwell?
  • What bad habits do you have that might damage your health?

Health problems

  • 症状
a bad cough a sore throat uncomfortable
no appetite no energy nauseous
a backache dizzy indigestion
feverish exhausted irritable
  • 专业版
being overweight colds backache
migraines the flu asthma
heart disease diabetes hypertension
hay fever


Show sympathy

Daughter: Hi mum, how are you?
Mother: Well, not too good, actually. I’ve just come back from the doctor.
D: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What’s wrong?
M: I’ve been having a runny nose and a high temperature for a few days. I was really worried I might have the flu. But he said it’s just a common cold.
D: Oh, you poor thing!
M: Yes… He also checked my blood pressure. It’s extremely high. He said I might have hypertension.
D: Oh no! Is there anything I can do for you?
M: No, don’t worry, he’s given me some pills. But he also checked the level of my blood sugar and at least that one was OK. I don’t have diabetes.
D: Oh good, I’m glad to hear that! Well, take it easy, mum, get lots of rest. And drink hot tea with lemon.

Not show sympathy

  • Stop complaining! Get to work!
  • Stop making excuses!
  • You’re always sick!
  • You never feel good!
  • You always complain!
  • You’re sick again?
  • Are you ever healthy?
  • Do you ever feel good?
  • Don’t make up stories!
  • Stop whining!
  • Get over it!

Calling in sick

You:I have a fever and feel tired.The doctor says I have the flu!
Boss1:I’m so sorry to hear that! Get better soon!
Boss2:Stop complaining! You’re always sick!

Level8-Unit3-Career Paths


Words Meaning
Honorable … characterized by integrity, respect and high regard?
Meaningful … full of purpose and significance?
Demanding … which requires much time, effort and attention?
Lucrative … which produces wealth/ is very profitable?
Engaging … which draws all your attention and interest?
Noble … which implies superiority of character, mind or morals?

Where do you see your career at your 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s?


  • He couldn’t decide which direction to go in.
  • He wanted to copy his father.
  • He was scared of living abroad.
  • He realized how much he loved what he was doing.
  • He has given up his journalism work.
  • His ambition is to open his own business.


Follow Take Get Do Make
follow in someone’s footsteps take the chance get experience do what you want make a decision
follow a career take a year off - do a job make a choice
follow a passion take advantage - do volunteer work make money
- take a risk - do some research -
  • How often do you take big risks?
  • Are you interested in doing volunteer work?
  • Do you usually follow your passions and do what you love?
  • In whose footsteps would you like to follow?


Which of these skills do you think you have?

Skills Meaning
people skills Hugo is extremely likeable and he gets along well with his colleagues.
teamwork He is happy to cooperate with others.
organization His work is efficient and he pays attention to details.
budget management He finishes his projects without going beyond his spending limit.
writing skills His reports are well organized and easy to understand.
speaking skills Hugo needs to become more confident giving presentations to the team.
stress management He has difficulty working under pressure, and this can affect his work.
creativity He will do what is asked of him, but he doesn’t like to take initiative or think outside the box.
problem solving When things go wrong, he relies on his teammates to find the answers.
computer skills Hugo needs to get up to date with all the software programs we use in the office.

Are the following sentences true for you?

  • I am up to date on all the software we use at university.
  • I get along well with some of my classmates, but not all of them.
  • Being confident is something that comes naturally to me.
  • My teachers encourage me to think outside the box.
  • I don’t usually take initiative in class: I wait for the teacher to tell me what to do.
  • I can cooperate with other classmates, but I don’t like to rely on them.

You are a very successful professional. You are invited by a reporter to tell your story on TV. Prepare your story. Describe your skills and what led you to success.

Level8-Unit4-Business Travel


Words Meaning
Leave Walk out the door
Behind on work Run behind schedule
Continue Move forward
On time again Back on track
Tell us what’s happening Keep us informed
Work all hours Work around the clock
Finish Wrap up
  • What words would you use to describe the place you visited?

    Totally \Completely\ Absolutely

  • Places to travel

    Rome\ Moscow\ Berlin\ London\ Paris

Problems when traveling

forget lose miss get
to bring your passport your passport your flight lost
to take money your money the bus sick
to bring your ticket your ticket the train robbed
the hotel address your luggage your stop sunburned
to book a hotel room your wallet - -


  • I have missed a connecting flight before.

    In the first sentence the speaker is talking about an experience.

  • I was traveling from London to Beijing, with a stop in Paris.
  • The first plane arrived in Paris too late for me to catch the second one.

    In the next two sentences the speaker is talking about giving details.


A: So, have you ever got sick from the food you ate on a trip?
B: Yes, I have.
A: Really? What kind of food was it?
B: Well, I was travelling in India and I decided to try some street food. I got sick and spent the next three days in bed in my hotel room.

B: Okay, my turn. Have you ever missed a flight?
A: Yes, I have. One time, I ordered a car service to take me to the airport but the driver was really late getting to my house and then we got stuck in traffic.
B: So, how late were you in the end?
A: I missed the flight by five minutes. Can you believe it?

Have you ever taste\visit\see\forget\lose\get...?

Have you ever lost your passport?
Yes, I have.
When did it happen?
It was two years ago, when I was traveling in Italy.
You’ve been to Italy? What was it like?
It was amazing! You should go some time.

You are going to tell your classmates about your best, worst and most interesting travel experiences.
Think about the following things:

  • Flight
  • Sightseeing
  • Accommodation
  • People with you
  • Shopping
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Weather

Questions to ask

  • How was the trip there?
  • What was the hotel like?
  • What were the local people like?
  • Was it busy there?
  • What was your favourite activity? Please describe.
  • Would you recommend it to a friend? Why / why not?
  • What was your room like?
  • How was the food?
  • Was it expensive?
  • How was the weather?
  • Can you describe what the place was like?
  • Would you go again? Why / why not?

  • Where have you not been to but would like to go?
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve ever tasted?
  • Who had the most interesting travel experiences?
  • Who had the most unbelievable travel experiences?



Receipt\ Cash\ Cheque\ Cashier\ Credit Card


  • What’s the most expensive product you’ve ever bought? How much was it?
  • What method of payment do you most frequently use? Why?
  • What is the most important aspect of buying a product? The price? The sales pitch? The product? The brand? Availability?
  • Where do you think is the most popular place to buy products? Why?
  • Right now, if you could buy anything, what would you buy? Why haven’t you bought it yet?


leather\ silk\ gold\ silver\ wool\ steel

Word Description
stylish fashionable, elegant
functional useful in many ways
modern up to date, current
vintage classic, an older style
exquisite very beautiful
unique one of a kind
high-quality well-made, of good value
  • I bought a high-quality red silk evening dress.
  • I’d love a pair of big round gold Indian earrings.
  • He wants that beautiful big wooden French dining table.

an exquisite small square white silver Chinese music box

opinion-> size-> shape-> color-> material-> origin-> purpose

Introduction a product

  • I need to buy my friend a present! Do you have anything stylish?
  • I need some new shoes.
  • I’m looking for something to cook with..
  • I’m looking for something cool to wear in the winter
  • I collect expensive materials. What can you offer?
  • I want something to make tea.
  • I have a stylish, tight, round, red and white, wool hat.
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